Indox Consulting is to provide you with Business consultants and access to experts practising within many specialities.

Whatever advice you need, there are analysts and scientists in Indox Consulting’s base that will take care of your case, run it through profound investigation and finally give you reliable feedback and advise you need. Who of us wouldn’t like work with the best professionals? Nobody deserves poor service of poor consultants. That’s why Indox Consulting associates the best experts ready to handle your case.

Financial Advice and Investment Counselling.

Indox Consulting offers Financial Advisers known also as account executives, wealth advisers, stock brokers and so on. They are certified and qualified professionals, not only salespeople. For many years clients have been trusting us. This is because they are always provided with reliable customised investment counselling. Due to that they are able to manage their assets and reach investments goals. We are leading consulting company that knows deeply the clients’ needs, so we can give them what they really need.

We underline working closely with our customers. Due to that we can establish investment priorities, specific objectives as well as risk which is an integral part of investing.

Our team consists of professionals.

Our team consists of professionals.