wieliczka salt mine tour

This place is something you can’t miss while you are visiting southern Poland. This is the one of Poland’s official national Historic monuments, maintained by the National Heritage Board of Poland. The salt mine was opened in the 13th century and science that time it has been developing. Nowadays the place is a huge touristic attraction that draws to Wieliczka people from around the world.

Together with our team we booked Wieliczka salt mine tour with KrakowDirect company. What impressed us the most, was the idea and architecture of this place. All investment made in mine was perfectly planned and in the end very money-spinning. During the Wieliczka salt mine tour we saw the impressive chambers, where even chandeliers are made of salt crystals. There are 20 chambers and 800 steps inside the mine, the track is 3 km long. Tour features impressive chapels, corridors, statues, and underground lake. For the visitors with mobility problems there are special Wieliczka Salt Mine tours available. What seemed very interesting to us was the fact, that there is a possibility to get marry inside the Wieliczka salt mine. There are a lot of concerts and big important events organized inside, witch seems to be a great source of revenue as well.

We are the company that focus on investing in gold and this is our main buisness plan. It is crucially important to invest in a right things and in the same time built something big, that is useful so for others as well. Although, we can highly recommend to go on Wieliczka salt mine tour. In our opinion, it can give you very interesting and useful conclusions.

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