The second option is Physical Gold that contains Gold Account, buying Gold Bullion or buying Gold Numismatic Coins.

Physical Gold. You can keep in a bank account gold. Indeed, just like cash, wills or heirlooms. Bank can take charge of your gold’s security as well.

Buying Gold Bullion it means buying gold bars for example. However you can also purchase gold bullion in the guise of coins. Different countries produce different bullion coins. Who doesn’t know the famous US’ American Eagle? The disadvantage of keeping gold in bars or coins is the security. Indeed, if stolen, your entire investment is lost. Unless you invest in some high-quality insurance.

Buying Gold Numismatic Coins. This option is perfect for those who interested in history. People who also like to keep their wealth closely certainly will find this way of investing very interesting. What’s the difference between numismatic coins and bullion coins?  The first ones except their weight value they are important due to the rarity of their occurrence. But first and foremost their importance is their historical meaning.

Gold market is very floating and the gold's prices are incredibly elastic.

Gold market is very floating and the gold’s prices are incredibly elastic.